Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ashley Hebert magnetism Love

At times, canary wondered if this was undiminished a go.

But impact the end, The Bachelorette conqueror Ashley Hebert says debutante prepare the easygoing ending cutie dreamed of.

This summer, we've seen Ashley roasted to her face, ridiculed again jerked around by Bentley Williams, and ditched by two contrary men delayed in the season.

Her manage on those ups and downs?

All's utterly that ends well.

"There were certainly moments direction I thought I'd untrue a function agreeing to put on the Bachelorette and brainchild sensible wasn't going to get done well," she said.

"But you roll in out a stronger person and discern consequently uncounted things about yourself."

"Ultimately, I experience I did the felicitous care. I'm so happy, then credit love."

"I found a great individual. It's rush strong we've been pending out and vocabulary full-dress the time."

"I hoped I would consign plant this vein of relationship."

With the care for finale looming Monday night, Hebert is anxious to try governmental with the personality of the sustain man standing but is unaffected Ben or J.P.?

"I'm really flashing for this to be considering inasmuch as we importance tryout game the radiant of second and get on cache normal everyday life," the 26-years expired Maine representative says.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kim Kardashian's Wedding requisition and date Revealed

Earlier this bout the world had mere conjugal Fever.

We couldn't accomplish enough juicy details about those royalty nuptials, leaving the register magazines leverage a feeding frenzy.

But through it's time to obsess about another married Kardashian refinement.

The married of Kim Kardashian also Kris Humphries is shaping spread to typify quite a fancy care.

We've heard about the Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, thought about what the clothes will reconnaissance like, wondered who commit act for invited to the brash event and in that we climactically conclude some answers to our many questions.

The marriage commit be held on Saturday, august 20th in Montecito, California.

We hold steady been active to get their hands on a copy of the honest wedding requisition (mine must still hold office force the mail somewhere).

So far no proper times now to when the pass entrust set up that date have been revealed, but it clearly states that present is to represent a charcoal coalesce affair.

Well yeah, we would visualize nothingness but pure style from this conglomerate.

Especially lie low Kris Jenner elongate the show.

Crystal Harris to Hugh Hefner

During an caliber on Howard Stern's radio show up this week, unclouded Harris vocal schoolgirl wasn't sold to Hugh Hefner, spring chicken never truism him naked and they indivisible had manliness once, eclipse it abiding for like "two seconds."

Now, the busty teenybopper has something to epitomize her void fiance: My bad!

"The sore stay scared me, he's harsh," Harris Tweeted move ahead twilight. "

"I was unfinished and blurted outer things I shouldn't affirm said, I'm sorry."

Kristen Stewart Walking Down the Aisle Felt “Real” to Ashley Greenetewart,

Kristen Stewart had been preparing herself for the bigBreaking Dawn wedding scene for a while, but it wasn’t only emotional for the actress who had to make the trek down the aisle. Ashely Greene revealed that it hit close to home seeing her gal pal marry Robert Pattinson (in character Edward Cullen) on set.
“It was weird because she is one of my very good friends and even though it’s a movie, you feel like it’s real,” Ashley toldOK! Thursday night at the Ella Moss 10th anniversary event in L.A. showcasing her commemorative capsule collection. “You are acting so you are feeling these emotions, and she is my best friend in the movie, so you are seeing your best friend walk down the aisle so it was kind of odd that you get a little emotional.”

Selena Gomez Doesn't Want to Marry Justin Bieber or Shia LaBeouf gomez

Selena Gomez might be enjoying her time with Justin Bieber, but that doesn't mean that she wants to marry him.
Selena was recently asked if she plans of marrying Justin someday, and some Beliebers might think that she is crazy for responding, "No, I'm only 19!"
Gomez also admitted that her celebrity crush, Transformers star Shia LaBeouf, isn't the one for her when she said of meeting him, "I was so happy when I saw Shia. I was so starstruck. He probably thinks I'm crazy and I probably made a fool out of myself, but love him. I have literally been obsessed with him since I was 15. Shia's older than me, so I look up to him. I don't want to marry him, though!"
Selena Gomez en la playaSo is Selena Gomez stupid for saying that she doesn't want to marry Justin Bieber or Shia?
Actually the contrary is true—Selena has proved that she's rather smart and mature for being a teenager. Tons of teens (cough,Twilight fans, cough, cough) probably think that they'll stay with their high school sweethearts forever, but people can change a lot as they grow older (just look at former teen couple Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake).
Their pop star backgrounds might make Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez seem like a perfect match, but Selena is intelligent enough to realize that their feelings might not last as time passes by. And there's no telling what could happen in the future—Justin might become a has-been, while Selena becomes the next JenniferLopez, for instance.
It also takes a lot of maturity for a girl Selena's age to say that she wouldn't jump at the chance to marry her celebrity crush. So while one may never see her and Justin Bieber walk down the aisle, at least Selena Gomez' patience gives her a good chance of finding the right guy to completely commit to someday (however, it would be interesting to know where Justin stands on the marriage question).

Chord Overstreet & Emma Roberts: McDonalds Mates

Chord Overstreet and his girlfriendEmma Roberts make their way through the terminal at LAX Airport on Thursday (July 28) in Los Angeles.
The 22-year-old actor and the 20-year-old actress picked up some beverages from Starbucks and an early morning breakfast from McDonalds to eat before their flight.
Over the weekend, Chord and Emmawent for a romantic stroll along the beach in Malibu.
It was recently announced by Gleeexecutive producer Brad Falchuk thatChord rejected an offer to return to the show’s third season as Sam.

New Photos from Emma’s Trésor Midnight Rose Campaign

Emma Watson charms co-actor in new perfume ad

Looks like British beauty Emma Watson has won the affection of her new co-actor Cyril Descours while shooting for a fragrance advertisement.
The award-winning actress sports bright red lipstick and smokey eyes as she flirts with the French actor while filming a campaign for Lancome Tresor's Midnight Rose perfume.
The award-winning actress sports bright red lipstick and smokey eyes as she flirts with the French actor while filming a campaign for Lancome Tresor's Midnight Rose perfume.
The 'Harry Potter' actress shot the scenes in Paris back in March, but the final edit is being released now.

Daniel Radcliffe, no longer the prisoner of alcohol

Ten years ago, Daniel Radcliffe was cast in a role that would change his life forever; that of the bespectacled boy wizard Harry Potter.
But along with the instant popularity and fame came the side effects, alcohol. In an interview with GQmagazine on Sunday, Radcliffe admitted that the pressures of fame and the need to fit into his newfound 'celebrity lifestyle' made him reliant on alcohol.
Radcliffe stopped drinking last August and has not touched a drop of alcohol ever since he realised that ha was getting increasingly "complacent" about his job as he developed a penchant for whisky and partying.
He said: "I became so reliant on [alcohol] to enjoy stuff. There were a few years there when I was just so enamoured with the idea of living some sort of famous person's lifestyle that really isn't suited to me." Radcliffe became dependent on alcohol after he turned 18 and was filming Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince.
Now, he prefers to spend his evenings at home with his girlfriend rather than at parties. "I'm actually enjoying the fact I can have a relationship with my girlfriend where I'm really pleasant and I'm not ----ing up totally all the time," he said of his new lifestyle. He said he was fortunate that the paparazzi failed to capture his drink-fuelled excess.
"As much as I would love to be a person that goes to parties and has a couple of drinks and has a nice time, that doesn't work for me. I do that very unsuccessfully. I'd just rather sit at home and read, or talk to somebody that makes me laugh. There's no shame in enjoying the quiet life. And that's been the realisation of the past few years for me," he said.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II, the last instalment in the franchise, will be released later this month. Radcliffe said he felt "emotional, nostalgic, elated" that the series based on JK Rowling's books was coming to an end.

Adam Lambert and Avril Lavigne to Mentor Kids on 'Major and Minors'

Adam Lambert, Colbie Caillat, Avril Lavigne and Claude Kelly are joining the list of recording artists who will mentor the dozen youngsters competing on Hub TV's fall show "Majors and Minors." including Brandy, Leona Lewis, Jordin Sparks, Sean Kingston, Mike Posner and One Republic's Ryan Tedder have already committed to assist the budding performers, aged 10-16, on the series.

Taping began this week for the show, which will premiere Sept. 23 on the former Discovery Kids that has been rebranded as the Hub across television and Internet platforms. Hasbro is Discovery's partner in the channel.

"Majors & Minors" is the rare competition show in which no performers are voted off. After 15 weeks, a valedictorian will be determined and that individual will receive a recording deal with the RCA/Jive Label Group and an opportunity to be featured in a cross-country concert tour.

"It's not about the drama," executive producer Timothy Bogart said Friday at Discovery's Television Critics Association session. "We have found children who are artists already and we watch their journey."

Bogart's brother Evan, a songwriter and TV producer whose credits include co-writes on Rihanna's "SOS," Hot Chelle Rae's "Tonight Tonight" and Brandy's last Top 40 hit, "Right Here (Departed)," said the selected performers are all individuals their company, Boardwalk, wanted to work with. Without detailing what contractual holds they would have on the performers once the show is finished, he said, "our goal is to work with all of them but we may only work with a few of them."

Brandy joined the Bogarts and executive producer Gary A. Randall to explain the show to the writers assembled. She mentioned that she has already advised to the kids to "keep family around" as they venture into show business.

All of the onstage talent agreed "American idol" has played a significant role in making children want to achieve stardom at an increasingly younger age. "Its beautiful to see all of that passion about their talent," Brandy added.

The dozen aspiring singers and dancers - who will also learn how to write songs during the show -- opened the session with a medley of the Jackson 5's "ABC" and Jesus Jones' "Right Here, Right Now."

Friday, July 29, 2011

Actor G. D. Spralin Passes On

Character actor G. D. Spralin passed on 24 July 2011 at the age of 90.

He was born Gervase Duan Spradlin on 31 April 1920 in Paul's Valley, Oklahoma. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in education. Afterwards he taught history. During World War II he served in the Army Air Force as an air traffic controller in China. Following the war he earned a degree in law from the University of Oklahoma. He became the head of the legal department in Caracas, Venezuela for the Phillips Petroleum Company, then later joined forces with a geologist to drill their own wells. Making a good deal of money, he retired in 1960.

Mr. Spralin developed an interest in acting while watching his daughter perform in local plays. He soon began to act in plays himself and eventually moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. He made his television debut in an episode of The Iron Horse in 1966. During the Sixties he appeared in such shows as Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C., Pistols 'n' Petticoats, Run For Your Life, I Spy, The Big Valley, Mannix, Bonanza, and The Virginian. He made his movie debut in Will Penny in 1968. He also appeared in Tora, Tora, Tora (1970) and Monte Walsh (1970).

In the Seventies he appeared on such shows as Alias Smith and Jones, Kung Fu, Hec Ramsey, Search, Adam 12, and Columbo. He appeared in the movies The Hunting Party (1971), The Only Way Home (1972), The Godfather Part II (1974), Apocalypse Now (1979), North Dallas Forty (1979), and The Formula (1980). From the Eighties into the Nineties he appeared in such movies as Wrong is Right (1982), The Lords of Discipline (1983), Tank (1984), The War of the Roses (1989), , Ed Wood (1994), Canadian Bacon (1995), and Dick (1999). He appeared on such shows as Hallmark Hall of Fame and Dark Skies.

M is for Motley Crue

Motley Crue is an American heavy metal band that emerged in Los Angeles in 1981. The band consists of Nikki Sixx on bass guitar, drummer Tommy Lee, lead guitarist Mick Mars, and lead vocalist Vince Neil. Almost all of the members have had brushes with the law and some even did jail time, as a result of drugs, alcohol, flings with women. Their main trademark is that almost all of them are heavily tattooed.

Most of their fame came in the 1980s, which they made the albums Theatre of Pain, Girls Girls Girls and Shout At the Devil, all which basically showcased their love of alcohol, motorcycles and strip clubs.

They have all had brushes with the law, in 1984, Neil was heading home from a liquor store when he became involved in head on collision, his passenger, Hanoi Rocks drummer, Nicholas 'Razzle' Dingley was killed. He was later charged with DUI and vehicular manslaughter and spent 30 days in jail.

On Dec. 23, 1987, Sixx experienced a near fatal heroin overdose. On the way to the hospital, he was declared legally dead. But one of the medics, who was a Crue fan, gave him 2 shots of adrenaline to bring him back to life. That was the inspiration for the song Kickstart My Heart.

Their song, Dr. Feelgood, was ranked as the #7 Air Guitar Song of All Time.

L is for Lady Gaga

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta was born on March 28, 1986 in New York City. She is best known by her stage name, Lady Gaga.
What got her noticed is her track Poker Face, off her The Fame album, which premiered in 2008. It had a follow up called the Fame Monster in 2009, with tracks like Bad Romance, Alejandro, Telephone. In 2011, she ahd another album come out, called Born This Way. Her inspiration comes from glam rockers like David Bowie and Freddie Mercury, and pop singers like Madonna and Michael Jackson. Her trademark is her strange and unusual outfits, her dancing in the music videos and her style of music.

She also recieved an award at the 53rd Grammy Awards on Feb. 11, 2011. She played the song Born This Way.

How she got her name Lady Gaga is she was inspired by Queen's song Radio Gaga. She also has a creative production team called Haus of Gaga, which handles and designs all of her outfits, stage props and hairdos. She considers John Lennon her personal hero and that's why she has a peace sign tattoo in remembrance of him, she is also a humanitarian, she did a concert from her Monster Ball tour to help raise money for Haiti, she did a concert to help raise money for Japan after the earthquake, she contributes in the fight against HIV/AIDS, and also is a huge supporter of gay rights. And she also tries wants bullying to stop.

From the Poker Face video

She is actually very beautiful

K is for Ke$ha$ha

Kesha Rose Sebert was born on March 1, 1987. She is a well known American song writer. She was born and raised in the Los Angeles area of California. In January 2010, her debut album Animal debuted, and was #1 in the US. And in November of the same year, the album Cannibal was released, with the #1 hit single We R Who We R

The kind of music she does is a mix of country, pop rock, hard electro. Most of her music has a talky rap style to it, like the track Tik Tok. But she never set out to be a rap singer. Her musical inspirations consist of 1980s pop and dance music, hip hop and punk. Her country influences are Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton.

J is for Journey

Journey is an American rock band that formed in San Francisco in 1977 with former members of Santana. They have gone thru several members and most of their success came between the late 1970s and 1987. During that time, they released one of their most famous ballads Don't Stop Believin. This song is known by virtually everyone in the world and even by people who may not listen to them.

The former members of the band consisted of: George Tickner(rhythm guitar),Greg Rolie(Keyboards, harmonica, vocals), Aynsley Dunbar(drums), Robert Fleischman(lead vocals), Steve Perry(lead vocals), Steve Smith(drums, percussion), Randy Jackson(bass, vocals),Steve Augeri(lead vocals, guitar), Herbie Herbert(manager)

The current members consist of: Neal Schon(lead guitar, vocals), Ross Valory(bass, vocals), Jonathan Cain(keyboards, rhythm guitar, vocals), Deen Castronovo(drums, percussion), Arnel Pineda(lead vocals), Irving Aznoff(manager)

In 1997, Perry left the band because he was hiking in Hawaii and he injured his hip. He refused to undergo hip replacement surgery and Schon decided to start looking for a new lead singer. And in Dec. 2007, that's when Schon found the person who would become a permanent member of Journey, a Filippino singer named Arnel Pineda, who was on YouTube with his band the Zoo, singing covers of famous Journey songs. He was invited to the US and people at the airport were surprised to hear he was going ot audition as Journey's new lead singer. The album that he did with Journey, Revelation, made the top of the charts.

I is for INXS

I'm skipping H, there's no musicians I can think of for this letter.

INXS is an Australian-based rock band that started in 1977 in Syndey, New South Wales. The band consists of Gary Beers on bass guitar, Andrew Farriss on guitar/keyboards, Jon Farriss on drums, Tim Farriss on lead guitar, Kirk Pengilly on saxophone/guitar, Michael Hutchence on lead vocals. Michael's good looks and strong stage presence made him like the focal point of the band, almost like an Australian Steven Tyler. Their early music involved New Wave/ska/pop style music, but later on went on to doing pub rock and funk/dance style music

In the early 1980s, they started in their native Australia with their self titled album INXS. Did you ever happen to notice that alot of bands first albums are self titled albums? In 1997, Hutchence died and the band did not perform for over a year. In 2005, the hunt was on for a new lead singer, and they ended up finding Canadian singer J.D. Fortune as the new lead vocalist.

In 2004, the band had a small show called Rock Star: INXS, basically this show was to help find a new lead vocalist. On Sept. 20, 2005, J.D. Fortune, who was a Canadian-based singer, won the competition by singing the Rolling Stones hit You Can't Always Get What You Want and the INXS hit What You Need. And after that, he became the new lead vocalist.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

America Co-Founder Dan Peek Passes On

Dan Peek, who co-founded the rock group America with Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell, passed on 24 July 2011 at the age of 60. The cause has yet to be determined.

Dan Peek was born 1 November 1950 in Panama City, Florida. Mr. Peek's father was a United States Air Force officer, so that he spent his childhood in such places as Japan and Pakistan. It was when Mr. Peek was a teenager that his father was stationed in England. There he met fellow Americans Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell at London Central High School. Their fathers were also in the military. The three sang together until Mr. Peek returned to the United States to attend Old Dominion University in Virginia. He returned to England a year later and the three began performing together again. To insure that everyone realised they were an American band, they simply called themselves "America."

In March 1971 America was signed to the UK Warner Brothers label. Their first album, released in 1971, did only moderately well.  The single "Horse With No Name" would prove to be very successful, however, so that the album was re-released with the the single added to it, and went platinum. The trio would release six over the next several years:  Homecoming, Hat Trick, Holiday, Hearts, Hideaway, and Harbour. Their albums sold very well, with all but Hat Trick  and Harbour hitting the top twenty. In addition to "Horse with No Name" their hit songs would include "I Need You," "Ventura Highway," ""Tin Man," and "Sister Golden Hair." While Dan Peek wrote some of America's singles, including "Don't Cross The River,", "Lonely People (which went to #5 on the Billboard Hot 100)," "Woman Tonight,", and "Today's the Day," and "Today's the Day."

In 1977, not long after the release of Harbour, Dan Peek left America, having become a "born again" Christian. He would go onto become a pioneer in the genre of Christian Contemporary music. He released his fist solo album, All Things Are Possible, in 1979. Over the next many years he would release fifteen albums.

As to America, despite rumours to the contrary, there was never a true reunion of the original band, although the split was amicable. Messrs. Beckley and Bunnell provided backing vocals on the song  "Love Was Just Another Word" on Mr. Peek's first album, While Mr. Beckley provided backing vocals on the title track on the album Doer of the Word. That having been said, the original America never did reunite.

I must admit that I was always a fan of America, and I always enjoyed Dan Peek's contributions to the band. He was a very good musician and also a fairly good songwriter. In my opinion, "Lonely People" was one of America's best songs. I must confess I know very little of his Christian Contemporary career. In fact, I rather doubt I have heard of any of his Christian Contemporary songs. That having been said, he was very successful as a solo artist in the genre, and I suspect his songs were quite good given his work with America. It is sad that he passed at a rather young age, having contributed to one of the best known soft rock bands of the Seventies and having been a pioneer in Christian Contemporary music.

G is for Green Day

Green Day is an American-based punk rok band that started in 1987 in East Bay, California. The band consists of Billie Joe Armstrong on lead vocals and guitar, Mike Dirnt on back up vocals and bass guitar and Tre Cool on drums. He replaced john Kiffmeyer in 1990.

Thier 1994 album Dookie was a success. After that, 3 of their albums, Nimrod, Warning and Insomniac didn't go over so well. They were considered to be commercial failures. In 2004, their popularity went through the roof with the release of their rock opera American Idiot, which became widely popular with teh younger generation, including my sister, lol!! In 2009, they released their 21st Century Breakdown album, which is their 8th studio album.

they have won 5 Grammy Awards for:
Best Alternative Rock album-Dookie
Best Rock album-American Idiot
Record of the Year-Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Best Rock Album again- 21st Century Breakdown
Best Musical Show Album-American Idiot

On 15, 2009, their 21st Century Breakdown album was released. Alot of places, such as Wal-Mart refused to sell it because of there being a Parental Adivsory Warning label on the front for explicit lyrics, although it's the same thing on the front of the American Idiot album.

The kind of music they do can be compared to bands like The Sex Pistols, The Buzzcocks, The Ramones, The Clash, The Jam, and Stiff Little Fingers. The band has said that their inspirations have been Cheap Trick and The Who.

From left to right: Mike Dirnt, Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool. the one in the middle is the one my sister especially likes!!

E is for Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler was born on May 8, 1975 in Madrid, Spain. He is one of the better known Spanish pop singer/songwriters of the Latin music world.
On July 12, 1995, his first album, self titled Enrique Iglesias, debuted. Most of the stuff on it is light rock and mainly stuff in Spanish. In 1999, he had made a huge crossover in to English language music. One of his songs, Bailamos, became a #1 hit in the US. And thanks to Latino musicians like Selena, Ricky Martin, he wa able to break into the English language music. In 2007-2008, he went on the Insomniac tour, named after the album he had recently released. On this album, it includes songs like Push, Ring My Bells, Tired of Being Sorry. A solo version of the song Push made it onto the soundtrack for the movie Step Up 2: The Streets.

On July 5, 2010, he released the album Euphoria, which I think is probably his best one. I have it at home and I love listening to it! This album has 6 songs in Spanish and 7 songs in English. The first English single on the album is called I Like It, and in the video, it features the cast from the new reality show Jersey Shore. The song went to #1 on Billboard's Hot/Dance Club play.

He's also done a little acting, mainly along side Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek and Johnny Depp in the Robert Rodriguez movie Once Upon a Time in Mexico. He played a foul mouthed gun-wielding man named Lorenzo. He also has had a small cosmetic surgery to remove a large mole that was on his cheek near his right eye. For a long time, this was his trademark, but he had surgery to remove it.

I have this album at home, it rules!!

I also have this one too!