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Mark Ruffalo & Cobie Smulders in Toronto - April 2012
Toronto was lucky enough to host the Canadian Premiere for Marvel's The Avengers and after doing a busy day of Press, Stars Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk/Bruce Banner) and Cobie Smulders (Agent Maria Hill) graced a Fan and Media-lined Red Carpet at Scotiabank Theatre.

Despite running a bit behind, Oscar-nominated Ruffalo navigated the Carpet with great prowess, balancing his time between Outlets and Fans, spending a gracious amount of time signing Autographs and posing for Photos. Dressed a perfectly-tailored Suit and looking in fine form, the Actor is embracing his increasingly-distinguished looks, sporting a few new gray hairs since I last met him in 2008 at TIFF.  

For the first-time ever on-screen, Marvel's The Avengers brings together Superheroes The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), The Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), Captain America (Chris Evans) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth), joining them as one force in a fight to save Earth from the ruthless Loki (Tom Hiddleston). Although at this time I am unable to post a Review of the Film, I can say that Joss Whedon masterfully interweaves several complex Superheroes' stories here in an explosive Spectacle.

With the likes of Lou Ferrigno, Eric Bana and Edward Norton having once filled the role of iconic (and destructive) Superhero The Hulk, I asked Ruffalo what unique traits he will be bringing to the table in Marvel's The Avengers. "I'm not sure", he tells me humbly.  "The one advantage I have is that I am the first Actor to play both Bruce Banner and The Hulk, so I hope that brings him alive in ways which CGI alone couldn't.". 

Vancouver-born How I Met Your Mother Star Smulders returns to Canadian Soil after now being based out of the U.S. and ventures for the first time ever into an Action-Blockbuster, training vigorously to do her own stunts as Agent Maria Hill, who despite not being an Avenger, still plays an integral role to the Movie's Plot. 

Smulders does admit to being a bit starstruck working with this Cast of Megastars. In particular though, it was Robert Downey Jr. who made working on the Film most exciting for her. "Wouldn't he make you starstruck?", she asks me. "I love Less than Zero and I've watched him for a really long time.". After seeing her sport a Tim Hortons Coffee Cup earlier in the day, I offered the Actress two choices: Starbucks or Tim Hortons.  Without hesitation she giggles, "Tim Hortons. I've had two Double-Doubles today already!".  True Blue Canadian, right there.

As an added surprise Singer/Songwriter Lights, who is a self-professed Comic Book Geek, made an appearance on the Red Carpet after having longed to see Marvel's The Avengers for quite some time now.  Like Smulders, she also has affections for Robert Downey Jr. too, rooting most for Iron Man, although being a Woman, she cannot help but have a place in her heart for The Black Widow.

Watch Clips of my Interviews with Ruffalo, Smulders and Lights below:

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Marvel's The Avengers opens in theatres on Friday, May 4, 2012.

(Photo/video credit: Mr. Will-W. | Additional Photos: Juelz Javier/Xavier Pop)

Rajon Rondo Suspended For One Game

Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo was suspended by the NBA for one game after bumping into referee Marc Davis during the game 1 against Atlanta.

tumblr m39sf2o2aA1qzonsno1 500 Rajon Rondo Suspended For One Game
Rondo bumps referee

Rondo will not be able to play in the game two in the best-of-seven eastern conference first-round playoff series on Tuesday.

Starbucks Offers 50% Off on Frappuccinos From April 30 to May 28

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Brett Lawrie, Mr. Will-W. & Elsa Hosk
Who said Baseball was for Boys only?  Victoria's Secret's PINK Line has just launched a Toronto Blue Jays Collection, hitting a Home Run with Female Fans of the Team here in our City and abroad.  Launching the Collection at Eaton Centre's PINK Store were Up-and-Comer Third Baseman Brett Lawrie and Model Elsa Hosk who posed for Photos with 100 lucky Fans for just-under an hour.

Check out the super-cute and sexy Collection here!

(Photo credit: George Pimentel)

Lisa Lampanelli vs Dayana Mendoza in The Celebrity Apprentice

This season of The Celebrity Apprentice is getting more exciting than what we thought when Lisa and Dayana crosses their end lines. According to report, a biggest explosion between the two star stir a new controversy behind the camera and base in what we heard from a celebrity enthusiast site, they probably need to reconcile before the show finale. They made a different mistakes and telling everyone of their side is not the right step for both of them, right?

Lisa Lampanelli vs Dayana Mendoza Photo

You can see these stars yelling at each other if you watch the latest episode of the show last Sunday, April 29, 2012. Both of them argued of a nonsense stuff but in addition to this report, they are driven by their anger leading to a much tougher off-the-cam fight. The other contestants are keeping their silence just like of nobody knows of what is going on. But their friends outside of the game started to pull-down the hairs of their enemies.

Their fans and followers are now talking about them in Twitter and Facebook's unofficial fan page of the show. However, that is not a fair fight when somebody will just connect the dots without knowing the root of their misunderstanding. One of them put down the reputation of Dayana and somehow, other websites are already making fun of their battle because of that.

And as we can remember, Lisa tells everyone that they are changing the name of their name to Team Chernobyl because of their unknown explosion. We heard the name of Clay Aiken as her fellow contestant who is according to her, started the entire issue to gain the attention of Donald Trump, Jr. They are asking the man to talk about it but behind the back of Dayana.

Lisa Lampanelli and Dayana Mendoza in The Celebrity Apprentice

Whatever it is, we know that the former Miss Universe Dayana plays her right turns and Lisa is just keeping up with her side without knowing of her way to the top.

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard Newly Born Daughter

Maggie Gyllenhaal along with her husband Peter Sarsgaard are now celebrating their new gift of life, Gloria Ray. That's the name of their newly born daughter who came out to see the world last April 19, 2012. She is now the second child of the two Hollywood personalities who decided to tie a knot way back in 2009. Both of them are pretty similar from the top grossing film like Lovelace and Hysteria. Aside from that, they've been in a lot of television projects as well in series of movies.

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard New Baby

Their daughter Ramona is turning five this year and probably, her fortune will now be divided with her sister just like of other celebrities sons and daughters. As a parent, Maggie experienced an ups and downs especially balancing her career with her responsibility as a mother. And somehow, everything falls based in their plans and they are both proud of their two lovely kids.

Furthermore, Maggie is not yet married during the time of her pregnancy with Ramona. And her confidence continue to grow to support the needs of her siblings. Their time in front of the camera as an actress and actor can also affect their way of parenting and some folks are now getting more curious about that as comments starts to flood in a celebrity gossip sites recently.

Join us as we continue to follow this story after of this break.

NBA Playoffs: LAC Defeats Grizzlies in Game 1 (Photos & Videos)

The Los Angeles Clippers has defeated the Memphis Grizzlies in the first game of the first round of the 2012 NBA Playoffs.


tumblr m3am0g08671r2br17o2 500 NBA Playoffs: LAC Defeats Grizzlies in Game 1 (Photos & Videos)


NBA Playoffs: Atlanta Wins Against Boston (Photos & Videos)

tumblr m39izpAmhy1qlu373o1 500 NBA Playoffs: Atlanta Wins Against Boston (Photos & Videos)

With the help of Josh Smith‘s 22 points and 18 rebounds,  the Atlanta Hawks has defeated the Boston Celtics in the first game of the first round series of the 2012 NBA Playoffs.

Rajon Rondo ejected

Rajon Rondo, who had 20 points, 11 assists and four steals, was ejected when he committed back-to-back technical fouls and appeared to bump official Marc Davis. There’s a possibility that Rajon Rondo will not be able to play on their next game due to a suspension.


  • J. Johnson – 11
  • Smith – 22
  • Collins – 6
  • Hinrich – 12
  • Teague – 15
  • I. Johnson – 4
  • Williams – 2
  • Green – 2
  • McGrady – 4
  • Pargo – 5


  • Pierce – 12
  • Bass – 8
  • Garnett – 20
  • Bradley – 10
  • Rondo – 20
  • Stiemsma – 2
  • Dooling – 2

Photos (Game 1)

tumblr m39nj2vdYU1qf1i5xo1 500 NBA Playoffs: Atlanta Wins Against Boston (Photos & Videos)

tumblr m39sf2o2aA1qzonsno1 500 NBA Playoffs: Atlanta Wins Against Boston (Photos & Videos)

tumblr m39ttfvUbx1qg8ljto1 500 NBA Playoffs: Atlanta Wins Against Boston (Photos & Videos)

Marvin Williams: Soaring Hawk

NBA Playoffs: Spurs Defeats Jazz in Game 1 (Videos)

tumblr m2oqa2UI4X1qz6hah NBA Playoffs: Spurs Defeats Jazz in Game 1 (Videos)

The San Antonio Spurs has defeated the Utah Jazz, 106-91, in the first game of their first round series of the 2012 NBA Playoffs.


Tony Parker lifted the Spurs with his 28 points contribution. He shot 10 of 19 and given 8 assists. Tim Duncan contributed 17 points and 11 rebounds.
  • Leonard – 6
  • Duncan – 17
  • Diaw – 9
  • Green – 2
  • Parker – 28
  • Ginobili – 7
  • Jackson – 14
  • Bonner – 9
  • Splitter – 4
  • Neal – 5
  • Blair – 5


Utah was led by Paul Millsap with 20 points.
  • Hayward - 17
  • Jefferson - 16
  • Millsap – 20
  • Harris – 7
  • Carroll – 7
  • Favors – 7
  • Tinsley – 9
  • Kanter – 2
  • Burks – 6

Today’s win is the Spurs’ 11th consecutive victory.


Anne Curtis covers Cosmo Philippines May 2012 issue

Princess of all Media and It’s Showtime host Anne Curtis covers Cosmopolitan Philippines Magazine’s May 2012 issue.

Anne is very hot and sexy on the cover photo wearing a very revealing yellow dress.

The latest issue of the mag celebrates its 15th anniversary, featuring Anne’s 15 years in showbiz. It also talks about how to be “Dare to go for dreams and make life happen”, “Sexy Mind Moves to Intensity Your Pleasure” Why Men Cheat”, “Pinay Beauty” and among others.
The cover photo is photographed by Marc Nicdao with dress stylist Eric Delos Santos. The team also joined by hair and makeup artists Raymond Santiago and Robbie Pinera.

The Box Office Queen will be having movie titled “Nothing Compares To You” together with Kapamilya stars Derek Ramsay and KC Concepcion.
Cosmo Philippines is a fashion and lifestyle magazine, is now available in all leading bookstores, magazine stands and supermarkets nationwide.

Maja Salvador covers Mega Magazine's May 2012 issue

Kapamilya star Maja Salvador covers Mega Magazine’s May 2012 issue

Maja is very glamorous and elegant on a classic look with golden dress accessorized by golden jewelries.

The latest issue of the mag features “Why Maja’s Star Continues to Shine”, 240+ Beauty Musts”, “The 20 Most Beautiful Personalities”, Precious Anti-Aging Secret and among others.
Maja is currently seen on ABS-CBN’s teleserye Lumayo Ka Man Sa akin and on the cover of the latest issue of Metro.
Mega Magazine 2012 is a fashion and lifestyle magazine, now available in all leading bookstores, magazine , supermarkets nationwide.

Arianny Celeste covers FHM Philippines Magazine's May 2012

American Ring girl and model Arianny Celeste covers FHM Philippines Magazine’s May 2012 issue.

Arianny is freaking sexy on this cover photo.

The latest issue of the mag features  “Arianny at the Ultimate Fighting Championship”, “Woman on Top of Man on Top of Woman”, “Then New Vikings”, Mano Po Tito Bhoy Kain Tayo and among others.
FHM PH is now available in all leading bookstores and supermarkets nationwide.

Universal Pictures Turns 100

It was today on 30 April 1912 that Universal Pictures was founded. It would become one of the eight major motion picture studios that dominated Hollywood from the Thirties to the Fifties (the others were MGM, Fox, Paramount, Warner Brothers, RKO, Columbia, and United Artists). Today it remains one of the most important studios in the world, surviving some of the studios that were bigger than it was. Indeed, it is the oldest Hollywood studio (Paramount is second, having been founded 8 May 1912).

Universal Pictures (also known as Universal Studios) was founded on 30 April 1912 by Carl Laemmle. Carl Laemmle was an immigrant from Laupheim, Württemberg, Germany.  He had arrived in the United States in 1884, when he was only 17. He settled in Chicago, where he spent two decades working in retail stores. It was when he was 38 that he decided to change careers. He had lost his job (it is unclear whether he quit or was fired) and then contacted advertising man Robert Cochrane, with whom he had worked before, to help him find another line of business. Mr.Laemmle wanted to go into film even then, although Mr. Cochrane advised him to learn about film before he took the leap into the business. It was on 24 February 1906 that Carl Laemmle opened the White Front Nickelodeon in Chicago. Six months later he opened the Laemmle Film Service, which rented films to other exhibitors. In 1909 he formed Independent Moving Pictures Company. Independent Moving Pictures would be one of the first studios to actually credit its actors, thus helping create the star system. In fact, Independent Motion Pictures would use actress Florence Lawrence and actor King Baggot in their promotional materials in 1910, making the company perhaps the first to use its stars in their advertising.

 It was in 1912 that Independent Motion Pictures Company merged with Nestor Studios, Powers Picture Plays, Bison Life Motion Pictures, The Champion Film Company, Rex Motion Picture Company, and Éclair American Company to form the Universal Film Manufacturing Company. In 1915 Carl Laemmle opened the 230 acre Universal City Studios, the largest movie producing facility in the world. The company would be formally incorporated in 1925 under the name by which it is perhaps best known, Universal Pictures. It would go through various name changes throughout the years before it was given the other name by which it may be best known, Universal Studios.

For much of its history during the Golden Age of Hollywood, Universal would occupy a niche somewhere between the Big Five (MGM, Fox, Paramount, Warner Brothers and, RKO) and the Poverty Row studios. While it was rare that Universal Pictures produced films with the budgets of the Big Five, over all their movies cost more and were of a higher quality than Columbia (who spent much of their history on the border between the majors and Poverty Row). The average Universal movie of the Thirties and Forties generally had a moderate budget and production values that were not quite that of the Big Five, but still well ahead of the minor studios.

While Universal would largely work in the shadow of the Big Five for much of the Thirties and Forties, in the end they would leave an imprint on Anglo-American pop culture as large as, if not larger, than the bigger studios. Indeed, if you mention "horror movies" to the average person, they are apt to think of Universal Pictures. The studio's history with horror movies actually goes back further than the classics of the Thirties and Forties. Universal's predecessor, Independent Motion Pictures, had produced one horror film, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde in 1913. In 1923 Universal produced an adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, a historical drama that bordered on the horror genre. It was in 1925 that the studio released its first pure horror film, Phantom of the Opera starring Lon Chaney. The success of Phantom of the Opera would lead to more films from Universal that at least bordered on horror: The Cat and the Canary (1927), The Man Who Laughs (1928), and The Last Warning (1928).

Of course, it was in 1931 that Universal launched its adaptation of Dracula. The film proved highly successful and made Bela Lugosi a star in the horror genre. It success was followed in 1931 by Universal's Frankenstein. Frankenstein was the Star Wars of its day, making a good deal of money and making Boris Karloff a star. The success of these two films would start a cycle towards  horror movies that lasted from 1931 to 1936, with most of the major studios producing horror films during the period. In 1939 Son of Frankenstein would spark a new cycle towards horror movies, a cycle in which studios other than Universal (most notably RKO and their films produced by Val Lewton) also took part. The impact of Universal's horror movies cannot be underestimated. Frankenstein and its first sequel, Bride of Frankenstein, are counted among the greatest films ever made. Even today, after countless adaptations of the novel have been made, when most people picture Frankenstein's Creature in their heads, it is most likely to be the image of Boris Karloff in Jack Pierce's make up. Dracula, Frankenstein, and the other Universal horror films would have a lasting impact on the genre. In fact, their influence can still be felt today.

While Universal may even today be best known for its horror movies, the studio worked in a number of other genres. One of these was comedy. Over the years Universal would make several comedy films, often drawing upon stars from radio for their casts, including  Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, and Red Skelton. It would be from radio that Universal would draw its two best known comedy stars, the team of Abbott & Costello. Their 1941 film Buck Privates proved to be such an enormous success that it would spark a series of Abbott and Costello films that would last until 1955 (with one more film, Dance with Me, Henry, released in 1956 by United Artists). Eventually Universal would combine their Abbott & Costello films with their horror movies. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, released in 1948, would lead to a number of films in which the comedy duo met various Universal Monsters.

The Abbott & Costello movies may be the best known series Universal produced, but it was by no means the only series. In many respects the meat and potatoes of  Universal was the various series of medium budget films in a variety of genres that the studio produced. As might be expected, some of these series were in the horror genre. Universal produced a number of sequels to both Dracula and Frankenstein. The studio also produced a series based on the popular Inner Sanctum radio show. Aside from the Abbott & Costello movies and their horror series, perhaps the best known series ever produced by Universal was their series of Sherlock Holmes movies starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce as Holmes and Watson respectively. Universal made fourteen Sherlock Holmes films in the series. Universal also produced a series of Dead End Kid and Little Tough Guys movies, Baby Sandy movies, Ma & Pa Kettle movies, and others.

Here it must be pointed out that Abbott & Costello were not the only stars Universal produced. In fact, in the Forties their biggest star may have been Deanna Durbin. Deanna Durbin had been signed to MGM in 1935, but the studio had also signed another young songstress, Judy Garland, at the same time. While debate over whether to keep both raged at MGM's front offices, Miss Durbin's contract with the studio expired. MGM's loss was then Universal's gain. She made her debut at Universal with Three Smart Girls in 1936. The movie proved to be a success and soon Miss Durbin was starring in musicals for the studio. Miss Durbin would continue making movies for Universal until 1948, by which time her success at the box office had declined. Her contract with Universal was allowed to expire and she retired from film.

While Universal would become famous for its monster movies, Abbott & Costello comedies, and Deanna Durbin musicals, like most studios at the time it would also produce a number of Westerns. Indeed, Universal would also produce or co-produce some of John Wayne's later films, including The War Wagon (1967) and Rooster Cogburn (1975). While Universal would not work with John Wayne often, they had a number of their own cowboy stars. Tom Mix, Buck Jones, Johnny Mack Brown, and Tex Ritter would all work for the studio at one time or another. In addition to many B-Westerns, Universal would also produce major feature films in the Western genre. Destry Rides Again (1939), Comanche Territory (1950), Winchester '73 (1950), The Far Country (1954), and others among them.

Of course, many of the B-Westerns produced by Universal would actually be serials. In fact, among aficionados of chapterplays, Universal is considered to have produced the very best serials besides Republic. Unlike Poverty Row studio Monogram and fellow major studio Columbia, Universal's serials generally had good production values and often relatively large budgets. In fact, Flash Gordon (1936), Universal Pictures' adaptation of Alex Raymond's classic comic strip, was the most expensive serial of its time. It would prove to be a huge success, followed by two sequels. Universal would also produce several other notable serials, including Secret Agent X-9 (1937), Buck Rogers (1939), The Green Hornet (1939), Don Winslow of the Navy (1941),  and many others. Universal would continue producing serials until 1946, when it ceased production of chapterplays. The studio had been producing serials since the Silent Era.

Not only did Universal produce serials, but they also produced animated cartoons. While Universal's cartoons would never gain the prestige of those of either Warner Brothers or MGM, they would prove very successful and they would have a lasting impact on pop culture. Indeed, it could well have been actions on the part of Universal that led to the creation of Mickey Mouse and the foundation of  The Walt Disney Company. Universal owned the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a popular character created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. Charles Mintz, whose studio produced cartoons for Universal, demanded that Messrs. Disney and Iwerks accept a lower fee for producing the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit shorts. When Disney and Iwerks refused, Mr. Mintz took over production of the shorts himself. Messrs. Disney and Iwerks simply created a new character for their own series of animated shorts, a character who looked in his early days very similar to Oswald. His name was Mickey Mouse.

In what could be considered a bit of poetic justice, Charles Mintz hired his own successor in 1928. Animator Walter Lantz was a veteran of John Bray Studios as well as Carl Laemmle's part time chauffeur. Eventually Carl Laemmle tired of dealing with Charles Mintz and looked to found Universal's own in-house animation studio. As a result, Universal Studio Cartoons was formed, with Walter Lantz as its head. The company would become independent in 1935 as Walter Lantz Productions, although their cartoons would continue to be distributed by Universal until 1947. For a brief period from 1948 to 1949 Walter Lantz's cartoons would be distributed by United Artists. From 1951 to 1972 Universal would once more distribute the Walter Lantz cartoons.

While Walter Lantz Productions cartoons have never been considered to be of the quality of Warner Brothers, Disney, Fleischer Studios, or MGM, the company produced such popular characters as Woody Woodpecker, Andy Panda, and Chilly Willy. Walter Lantz Productions would continue to produce animated shorts long after many of the other studios had ceased doing so. The studio would not permanently close until 1972. In 1984, Lantz sold the company, its characters, and its cartoons to Universal.

By the Fifties and Sixties Universal, like most of the studios, had fallen on hard times. Music Corporation of America (MCA), originally a talent agency, had expanded into television. Its subsidiary, Revue Productions, originally formed in 1943 to produce live concerts, became the company's television production arm in 1950. Revue would become one of the most successful production companies in television. It produced such shows as Alfred Hitchock Presents, Wagon Train, Studio 57, and many others. In 1958 Universal sold its lot to MCA, who then renamed both the Revue Productions and the lot, "Revue Studios." Although MCA had only bought the lot, it would prove increasingly influential in Universal's dealings. MCA's various clients, including Doris Day, Cary Grant, and Lana Turner would sign to Universal. In 1962 MCA bought Universal outright. Revue Productions then became Universal Television.

Universal Television continued to produce shows originally produced by Revue, such as Alfred Hitchcock Presents and The Virginian. Eventually it would produce some of the best known shows of the Sixties and Seventies, many of them airing on NBC. In its early days Universal Television produced such series as Laredo and Ironside. By the Seventies it produced the umbrella series The NBC Mystery Movie, which included such classic shows as Columbo, McCloud, and Hec Ramsey. Over the years Universal Television would produce such television classics as Ellery Queen, The A-Team, Miami Vice, The Equaliser, Northern Exposure, and the Law & Order franchise. Universal would further become involved in television through the cable channel the USA Network in the Seventies. Originally started with other companies, Universal would become the sole owner of the channel in 1987.

Among the television series Universal inherited fro Revue was Alfred Hitchcock Presents. It should then come as no surprise that Alfred Hitchcock's last few movies would be produced through Universal.  It was in 1955 that Lew Wassermann, head of MCA, approached their client Alfred Hitchcock about producing a television series, what would become Alfred Hitchcock Presents.  MCA later persuaded Alfred Hitchcock to sign a contract with Universal. Beginning with The Birds in 1963, all of Hitchcock's films were released through Universal. Universal would even acquire the distribution rights to Psycho (originally distributed by Paramount). Here it must be noted that this was not the first time Universal was associated with Alfred Hitchcock. Selznick International loaned the director to Universal for Saboteur (1942) and Shadow of a Doubt (1943).

Here it must be stressed that following the Fifties, Universal did produce more than television shows, Ma & Pa Kettle movies, and Hitchcock films. In the late Fifties and well into the Sixties it was Universal who produced the majority of Doris Day's sex comedies. Starting with Pillow Talk in 1960, Universal produced all of them until Send Me No Flowers. The success of Pillow Talk would lead to a cycle of sex comedies that lasted from 1960 until 1965 in which other studios also took part. Universal also produced such classic films as To Kill a Mockingbird (1962), Charade (1963), Jesus Christ Superstar (1973), American Graffiti (1973), Jaws (1975), and Animal House (1978). In the Eighties Universal produced the highly popular Back to the Future trilogy. In more recent times Universal has produced films ranging from The Last Temptation of Christ (1988) to Jurassic Park (1993) to the 2005 remake of King Kong.

As famous as Universal is for their movies and television shows, they are also famous for their studio tour. The Universal Pictures studio tour goes back to the earliest days of the company's history. Unlike other heads of studios, Carl Laemmle actually encouraged tourists to visit Universal. In 1915 visitors could pay 25 cents to sit on bleachers and watch movies being made. It was in 1964 that the current Universal Studios tour official began, with tourists travelling through the lot in "GlamorTrams." Given the success of the studio tour, it should no surprise that Universal would expand into theme parks. This happened slowly with Universal Studios Hollywood, as rides and other attractions were added. In 1990 the Universal Orlando Resort was opened in Florida. In 2001 Universal Studios Japan opened. Currently Universal Studios is the third biggest amusement park operator in the world.

While Universal has survived to see its 100th birthday, it was not without changes in ownership. Indeed, in the Nineties the studio changed hands several times. It was in 2004 that then current owner, French multi-media company Vivendi, sold Universal to General Electric, parent of company of NBC. General Electric then merged the movie studio and the television network to form NBCUniversal. In many respects the merger should not seem so unusual given the close association between NBC and Universal in the past. Universal Television's predecessor, Revue, had produced shows for NBC beginning in 1950 with the series Armour Theatre. Thereafter Revue would produce several more shows for NBC. Once Revue became Universal Television, the studio would continue to produce many shows for NBC, including such high profile shows as The Rockford Files and Miami Vice.

Since the creation of NBCUniversal, the company has expanded. In 2004 NBCUniversal created the cable channel Sleuth (now called Cloo), which is entirely devoted to mysteries. In 2007 it launched Chiller, a horror oriented cable channel. That same year the company acquired the cable channel Oxygen. NBCUniversal is arguably one of the giants in cable, owning such cable channels as the USA Network SyFy Channel, Cloo, Chiller, Bravo, and Oxygen

The survival of Universal over the years could perhaps be attributed to two factors. The first is that it was perhaps one of the first studios to actually produce franchises. The Universal horror movies not only made a good deal of money when first released, but have made a good deal of money ever since. Indeed, the Universal monsters would produce an inordinate amount of merchandise. The various movie series Universal produced over the years would be rerun on television for literally decades, from Sherlock Holmes to Abbott & Costello. Here it must be pointed that, unlike other studios, Universal kept many of its films while acquiring the rights to others. The Universal library is one of the largest in the movie industry, consisting of everything from serials to Walter Lantz cartoons to classics like To Kill a Mockingbird.

The other factor which has permitted Universal's survival is perhaps the fact that the studio changed with the times when other studios did not. In the Sixties when many of the studios continued to produce big budget blockbusters (many of which flopped), Universal moved into television and continued to produce more moderately budgeted films. In the Seventies Universal would expand into cable with the USA Network. Universal has always had a degree of adaptability that saved it from total extinction.

In the end Universal has had an impact on pop culture which few movie studios could match. The movie monsters it created in the Thirties are still as recognisable today as they were 80 years ago. Abbott & Costello are still one of the best known comedy teams of all time. The many sex comedies Universal produced are still shown on television today. Such television characters as Lt. Columbo and Jim Rockford continue to be popular. Universal would also produce several classic films, including Destry Rides Again, The Naked City, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Sting, and may others. Given the studio's long history, it seems likely it will survive for another hundred years.

Deborah Kara Unger - Photo Actress

Deborah Kara Unger - Picture Hot


Deborah Kara Unger - Wallpaper Gallery


Deborah Kara Unger - Gallery Photo


Deborah Kara Unger - Photo Actress



Mark Ruffalo & Cobie Smulders in Toronto - April 2012
Hot on the heels of it grossing a whopping $185.1 million overseas this weekend, Marvel's The Avengers Stars Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk/Bruce Banner) and Cobie Smulders (Agent Maria Hill) are bringing the action north of the Border for the Canadian Premiere of the Action-Blockbuster. If you think that's impressive, consider that it has only thus far opened in 70% of Overseas markets and furthermore, has yet to even open in North America!

Ruffalo and Smulders joined forces for an appearance on CityTV's Breakfast Television. Ruffalo who made his first appearance in Toronto since TIFF 2008, revealed that in addition to slimming down on a strict Regimen for his dual role, he also faced some great challenges. "I enjoy working with Actors" he says, explaining that it was a great challenge filming fight scenes before a Green Screen on his own.

Vancouver Native Smulders made a welcome return her Homeland, ensuring to grab a Tim Hortons Coffee first thing today. The Actress who has gained much popularity for her work on CBS Series How I Met Your Mother as Robin Scherbatsky, praises Ruffalo for giving The Hulk a comedic spin, yet remaining v. human. She also expressed excitement at being able to do her own stunts in some of her more physical scenes in the Joss Whedon Film

The Avengers sees a Team of Superheroes - including Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), The Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) - assembled to fight the evil Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and his Army from destroying the Earth. 

Marvel's The Avengers hits theatres in North America Friday, May 4, 2012.

To enter to win a Signed Photo Set from Ruffalo and Smulders, click "like" on this Post at Mr. Will-W.:Pop Maven on Facebook. You must also be following on Twitter also. Your deadline is June 4, 2012Good luck!

More to come...

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


Rick Springfield in Toronto - April 2012
With over 17 million Albums sold and 30-plus years in the Music Industry, Pop Veteran Rick Springfield is bringing his Documentary An Affair of the Heart to the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival in Toronto. The Documentary helmed by Sylvia Caminer, gives us a candid look at the Actor/Singer's devoted relationship with his Fans. Among his stop-offs during his visit were appearances on CBC's George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight and CTV's The Marilyn Denis Show, in addition to Radio Interviews with KISS 92.5 and The Edge.

I caught-up with Springfield, carrying a Starbucks Cup with his name inscribed on it (wonder if the Barista knew "Rick" it was for!) on his way to an Interview and graciously he stopped to pose for a couple Photos. More notably, he signed a Photo for a Fan which made him and his Entourage chuckle. "That looks like Porn!", he laughed commenting on a racy Still from HBO's Californication on which he has guest starred in the past.

For those of you looking to see An Affair of the Heart, it screens three times at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival. Click here to order Tickets and to watch its Trailer.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


Justin Timberlake

I cannot stop laughing.  The most brilliant Meme I've seen in quite some time.  It's gonna be May, indeed.

For those who still don't get it, scroll to the 3:15 mark on this Video.  

Ahh... now you see!  LOL


Charles & Camilla
Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Her Majesty's Reign as Queen of Canada, The Prince of Wales Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall Camilla will be touring the Country between Sunday, May 20-Wednesday, May 23, 2012. The Visit will include stop-offs in Saint-John, Oromocto, Toronto and Regina. Charles also will be presenting The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medals in honour of Canadians' Service to their Communities.

Although additional details are to come, so far the Itinerary includes:

  • Official Welcome to Canada at CFB Gagetown in Oromocto on May 21

  • Victoria Day Celebration in Saint John, New Brunswick on May 21

  • Arrival at Queen’s Park in Toronto, on May 22

  • Arrival at the Saskatchewan Legislature on May 23

  • Arrival at the First Nations University in Regina on May 23

  • For additional updates on the Tour, click here.

    (Photo credit: Clarence House)

    Noureen Dewulf - Photo Set

    Noureen Dewulf - Images


    Noureen Dewulf - Photo Set


    Noureen Dewulf - Picture


    Noureen Dewulf - Wallpaper Hot


    Valeria Lukyanova barbie doll

    Valeria Lukyanova  barbie doll - Lukyanova Valeria became a sensation on YouTube. 21-year-old lady from Russia includes a face and body form sort of a barbie doll. Like what?
    Barbie doll into a serious toy among women. They even dreamed of getting a life and a face sort of a plastic doll.
    Valeria Lukyanova later became an online sensation. He includes a face and body that closely resembles the doll barbei.
    His body was ‘perfect’ in your face and hair that seemed like real barbie doll in real life.
    In one video uploaded on Youtube, there's a scene where Valeria Lukyanova visiting surgeon to induce a body da barbie.
    But not all web users can believe the authenticity of the body of Valeria Lukyanova. as a result of he's very the ‘perfect’ sort of a barbie doll.
    Call it a matter of her body. He includes a terribly little waist and huge breasts. however on his Facebook page, the images are virtually dominated by the image is uploaded.
    Intrigued by Valeria Lukyanova, 21-year-old Russian lady known as netizen as Barbie in real life, please see the excerpts within the following 2 videos.

    On her web site, she claims to be the foremost famous lady on the Russian-language web. there's conjointly one amongst those faux animated reenactment videos posted that purports to point out how she came to appear like this. 

    It has commenters expressing widely varied opinions, from "Am I the sole one that suppose she seems like Paris Hilton???" and "I suppose Morgan Fairchild beat her to it an extended time ago." to "Looks terribly high maintenance. virtually gold diggish. No thanks."

    On her Facebook page, there are footage just like the one directly below that show her when she is not attempting to onerous to appear sort of a Barbie doll - and that we suppose she appearance lots higher that approach. What does one suppose, readers?

    Watch The Video Below

    Sunday, April 29, 2012

    Katrina Kaif splashy video scandal

    Katrina Kaif splashy video scandal - Katrina Kaif is one Bollywood actress who is currently being unlucky. the matter currently sex video circulating on the web like Katrina Kaif. within the video of a lady who feels like Katrina Kaif has sex with many men. in fact the news titled Katrina Kaif Sex Scandal Video directly into the conversation among net users.

    Even currently Katrina Kaif Sex Scandal Video has been widely downloaded by net users. within the video she feels like Katrina Kaif carrying Indian jewelery models horses, slowly stripping her bikini and then having sex with many men. when the news unfold, Katrina Kaif and his frustration spill immediately denied that the lady within the tape is his. Similarly, as reported by One India, Saturday, December twenty four, 2011.
    "It may be a disgusting video and she or he definitely doesn't even appear as if me. there's no area for any speculation. The girl's face is totally different! i feel it's ridiculous to even state it, "said Katrina Kaif.

    The title of the video clip carries Katrina’s name and is being circulated as ‘ Katrina Kaif sex scandal.’ God knows! how our Bollywood Khan Salman is reacting to the current. The video shows the porn lady, who is supposedly a duplicate of the Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif, slowly stripping her Indian outfit as well as jewelery and revealing her assets. It shows her obtaining concerned in sexual intercourse with variety of men. This video is making a storm on Porn sites and forums and other people are going gaga over the clip. it's already reached the download limit on some of download portals. approach bay Katrina Kaif’s Sister Isabelle Kaif was conjointly caught in a very similar Sex Video Tape Scandal Controversy.

    NBA Playoffs: Lakers Win Against Denver in Game 1 (Pictures & Video)

    NBA Playoffs 2012 NBA Playoffs: Lakers Win Against Denver in Game 1 (Pictures & Video)

    Lakers has defeated the Denver Nuggets, 103-88, in the first game of their first round series of the 2012 NBA Playoffs.

    Lakers has fought well with Kobe scoring 31 points and Bynum committing Laker’s first playoff triple-double in 21 years.

    Bynum talks about his first triple-double

    • “It’s the only way really possible for me to get a triple-double – through blocked shots,”
    • “If I play good D, we’ll win games. I think I’m just going to be as aggressively as I can defensively to contest their shots. … You’ve got to win Game 1. Statistics are against the teams that lose Game 1, especially on the home court.”
    D. Gallinari has led the Nuggets with 19 points.  ”We’ve got to find a way to score before he gets in the paint, because he’s impressive,” said Danilo Gallinari.

    Denver Coach George Karl sees something else

    • “(Bynum) was playing a nice illegal defense”
    • “He was zoned up good. I think we got one illegal defense (call against Los Angeles). I saw about 30 of them. … The shot-blocker probably beat us.”


    Keeley Hawes - Photos Hot

    Keeley Hawes - Photos


    Keeley Hawes - Gallery Photo


    Keeley Hawes - Picture Gallery


    Keeley Hawes - Picture Colection


    Chazz Palminteri - Images Actress

    Chazz Palminteri - Images Gallery


    Chazz Palminteri - Images Actress


    Chazz Palminteri - Wallpaper Hot


    Chazz Palminteri - Gallery Colection


    PBB Teen Edition 4 Second Nomination Night Results: Karen, Nikka and Myrtle are nominated for eviction

    The PBB Teen Edition 4 housemates faced yet another tough nomination night – the 2nd nomination night of the season. Three girl housemates were nominated for this week:

    1. Karen Reyes, dubbed as the “Ang Hagikgik Chick ng Mindoro” received 7 points.
    2. Nikka Javier, dubbed as the “Ala Angel ng Batangas” received 8 points.
    3.  Myrtle Sarrosa, dubbed as the “Cosplay Cutie ng Iloilo” got the highest point, 11 points.
    Viewers may vote for their favorite housemates through SMS.  Text BB <space> NAME OF HOUSEMATE and send to 231 for Smart and Talk ‘n Text Subscribers and 2331 for Globe, Touch Mobile and Sun Cellular subscribers. You can also vote online via


    Still from Think Like a Man
    For the second straight week Think Like a Man is wearing the pants at the Box Office. After debuting on-top last weekend, the Comedy from Sony Screen Gems reaches number one with $18 million, now earning a total of stellar $60.7 million.
    Pirates! Band of Misfits 3-D out-of-nowhere opens in second for Sony Pictures with $11.4 million to v. positive reviews (88% on the Tomatometer) on a weekend lacking in Family options

    The Lucky One  finds itself at number three in its second week of release for Warner Bros. The Romance earned $11.3 million this weekend, placing it ahead of The Hunger Games in its sixth week of release, in fourth spot with $11.2 million, now earning over $372 million domestically.

    Universal Pictures' The Five-Year Engagement, which despite looking promising, opens below expectations in fifth with just $11.2 million. The Rom-Com has received overall positive reviews with a 64% rating on Rotten Tomatoes' Tomatometer.

    Jason Statham's latest Action Flick Safe opens in sixth spot with $7.7 million for Lionsgate Films (Alliance Films in Canada), ahead of another Film opening this weekend, The Raven with $7.2 million for Relativity Media (Alliance Films/VVS Films in Canada).

    Cabin in the Woods rounds out the Top Ten this weekend with $4.5 million for Lionsgate Films.