Friday, August 24, 2012

Selena Gomez 'Wants To Dump Arrogant Justin Bieber'

A few months ago there were rumours that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were on the rocks and in spite of their public show of love, insiders close to Selena believe she is ready to give her boyfriend the push.

It seems the 18 year-old's transformation from teen idol to bad boy Bieber over the last few months, hasn't gone down well with his girlfriend of over a year and now she reportedly wants out.

"Selena's seen a change in The Biebs," an insider told the National Enquirer, "he's less kind to others, and to her, and gotten more full of himself.”

The once squeaky clean star has repeatedly got into trouble over the last few months and even got himself in trouble with the law after a paparazzo accused JB of attacking him while on a date with Selena.

The insider went on: “His escalating, wild-card behaviour worries her,”

“He isn't the Justin she fell in love with, the 'dreamy' boyfriend she could have fun with and tell all her secrets to.”

But it seems she won't be breaking up with him anytime soon, as the star is said to fear what this 'new' Biebs will do if she breaks his heart.

The source revealed, "she won't kick him to the curb hard and cold for the fear he'll get vindictive. Selena's searching for a way to break it off, remain friends - and even continue working together on projects, as they've done with tracks for her upcoming CD."

They added: “He knows things about her family life so she's worried about what he'll spill if they split.”

We've certainly noticed a change in Justin over the last year, once he was talking about cute teenage thing the next thing he is revealing he loves Nikki Minaj's bum.

We aren't surprised that Sel is having a re-thinking. But could their break up really get that ugly? What exactly could she be hiding?

While speculation continues about the state of their romance, to us, the couple look as loved up and cute as ever!

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